If it is true that the passions are transmitted by genes, we – Tancredi and Alberto Alemagna – inherited the one for chocolate and high confectionery.

With T’a, a brand that combines tradition and creativity, we bring back the family art, revisited in a contemporary view and made it bright by a business vision that explores the trends and turns them into attractive and refined products. T’a is the synthesis of history and innovation, quality and refinement, a new way, full of spontaneity, to propose the excellence and the class of Made in Italy.

The name T’a comes from the initials of our names to underline how the passion for this art that unites us is also a constant source of inspiration for this company which revisits, in a contemporary way, a family art which began a century ago.


The history of confectioner’s family tradition dates back to the early twentieth century when Gioacchino Alemagna was employed as a helper in a shop and only a few years later, after the First World War, seized the opportunity to build a success which characterized the history of Italian dessert.

The expansion occurred with the birth of the first luxury bakeries in the city center of Milan and Rome and then spread through the chain of stores located on highways throughout Italy.

The history of the family intertwines the events of Gioacchino and Alberto Alemagna with Italy’s social ones of the twentieth century from the first post-war. Of this history, values, tradition and a culture of enterprise, which we always need more nowadays, remain undiminished.


The artisan production made in the laboratories of Cerro Maggiore, near Milan, combines quality, creativity and design. Our distinctive features:


Freshness and quality of the best raw materials are mixed together according to the ancient and wise rules of craftsmanship. Thus the maitre patissier of T’a, make sure that chocolate, cakes, mousses, desserts and savory production for catering always arrive fresh at the best restaurants, gourmet cafés and luxury hotels of which the company takes care of.

Italian Spirit

T’a’s desserts are always made with the utmost care thinking about the most discerning palates but maintaining a genuineness that makes them appreciated by the entire audience. This is the reason why the ingredients are chosen only from first choice products privileging those of our land: the best Italian butter, carefully selected flour, IGP hazelnuts, Sicilian pistachio or more fresh fruit from market.


The innovative T’a pack are studied in details by expert designers under the supervision of Tancredi and Alberto Alemagna. T’a chose a functional packaging, elegant without being staid and especially eco-friendly. The boxes are made with environmental friendly materials, biodegradable and compostable. This extreme attention to quality for the packaging was awarded in April 2008 with the Prize “Best Packaging Design Quality”, exactly 50 years after the Oscar awarded to grandfather Alberto for his famous Panettone’s hatbox.



Gold chocolate bar Award - White chocolate bar with caramel pieces and Hawaii salt

2014 Premio Tavoletta Oro

Gold chocolate bar Award - White chocolate bar with caramel pieces - Special mention

2014 Premio Tavoletta Oro

Gold chocolate bar Award - Chocolate bar with Sorrento lemon

2013 Premio Tavoletta Oro

Sua Eccellenza Italia 2012 - Il Gambero Rosso

2012 Sua Eccellenza Italia 2012

Le Fonti International Award - Excellence in food tradition

2012 Premio Internazionale Le Fonti

Gold chocolate bar Award - Chocolate Almond Cream Spread - Special mention

2012 Premio Tavoletta Oro

Gold chocolate bar Award - Best Italian chocolate praline

2011 Premio Tavoletta Oro

Agrifood Club Golosario Award - Best confectionery company - Vinitaly 2011

2011 Premio Agrifood Club Golosario

Compagnia del Cioccolato Special Award - Emerging Producer

2010 Premio Speciale Compagnia del Cioccolato

Packaging Award - Best Quality Packaging Design

2008 Oscar Imballaggio