The cocktail list is inspired by the philosophy of the T’a Milano brand with drinks that allude on one hand to the world of chocolate and, on the other, to the old tradition of the ‘Milanese-style’ aperitif.

From the cocktail list you can choose from ‘I Milanesi’, where Camillo’s Negroni stands out (Count Negroni usually drank his Americano with a generous dash of gin so London Dry Gin, old formula Carpano Vermouth and soda are added to Campari bitter). Then there are the ‘Cocktail Hits’ with the Pink Momo, the club’s signature drink dedicated to the high fashion world at the bar counter (based on London dry Gin, fresh lime juice, violet liquor and Pink T’a syrup), the ‘Unconventional Cocktails’ with the sinful Porn Star Martini which owes its name to the passion its creator Douglas Ankhar put into his creation (based on vodka infused with vanilla, passion fruit, vanilla sugar, passion fruit liquor and champagne), and the ‘Chocolate Passions’, a series of drinks based on chocolate like the Alexander Poire, the result of revisiting the classic Alexander with the gluttonous variant of pear and chocolate (pear vodka, cocoa cream, fluffy cream and a chocolate bitter).

The ‘Famous Cocktails’ are also very enticing. These 5 creations are dedicated to 5 companies or families who have made Milan famous around the world. It starts with the Alemagna family, naturally, with the Alemagna’s Favourite based on whisky, then there is L’oro di Milano, an innovative drink that unites the legendary 3 Cuochi saffron, in Italian kitchens for more than 80 years, with fresh Dutch gin, notes of cucumber, pink grapefruit, lime and cinnamon.

Other cocktails dedicated to famous names include Tempus Fugit (Piaget) and Silvertouch (Argenteria Dabbene).