The delightful T’a Milano Restaurant & Bistrot is situated in the heart of Milan, in Via Clerici 1.

T’a is a multifunctional venue serving as a bakery, café, bistro, cocktail bar and flagship store. And all in an elegant, sophisticated setting, ideally suited to any type of event.

This modernly elegant and brightly lit location can be transformed to suit customers’ needs.

It is possible to organize a variety of events – private dos, corporate meetings, press conferences, birthday parties, book launches, photo shoots – at the T’a Milano Restaurant & Bistrot, in line with your every request.

The atmosphere is welcoming and refined, ​​the style elegantly chic. With its perfect combination of attractiveness and modernity, it is the ideal location for truly unforgettable events.

INFO & RESERVATION: +39.02.8738.6130 – +39.335.6155.043